Self-closing Spinning Sleeving

Product material: polyester monofilament & polyester multifilamentWorking temperature: -50 ℃ ^+l 50 ℃Melting point: 240±10 ℃Cutting tools: Hot knifeCertification: ROHSColor: blackFlame retard

  • Model: LNE-ZJF

Product material: polyester monofilament & polyester multifilament

Working temperature:  -50 ℃ ^+l 50 ℃

Melting point:  240±10 ℃

Cutting tools:  Hot knife

Certification:  ROHS

Color:  black

Flame retardant rating:  DIN5510 BS6853

Property:Made of polyester monofilament & ployester multifilament,feature with fire resistance,abrasion resistance, softness, dustproof, easy operation .

Open type structure is convenient for modification, re-assembly, maintenance and overhaul of the internal wiring harness.

Application:  Widely applied in the industries such as high-speed railway, automotive, automation equipment, electrical wire of instrument, cable , flat wire harness and hose,etc, especially suitable for irregular shape wire harness .

plastic flexible conduit

 Order No.Inner DiameterMax Wire DiameterPackaging Unit

LNE-Z JF-00556100
LNE-Z JF-00889100
LNE-Z JF-0101011100
LNE-Z JF-013131450
LNE-Z JF-016161725
LNE-Z JF-019192025
LNE-Z JF-025252725
LNE-Z JF-032323425
LNE-Z JF-038384025
LNE-Z JF-050505225

plastic flexible conduit