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Stainless Steel Female Thread Straight Connector



Product material: Location C and F are made of 304 stainless steel;D is made of stainless steel.
Specification of thread: G (Metric ,NPT thread can be customized)
Color: Metallic color (silvery white)
Temperature: -40℃ ~ +100℃, instantaneously can be +120℃
Property: Female thread type is suitable for connection with threaded steel conduit or external thread connection
Besides the following specifications, the size and thread standard can be varied at your discretion as per requirements.

Order No. Metal(Flexible Conduit Metric) G NPT Thin steel Packaging Unit
LNE-DPN-B-12 Φ12 G3/8″ NPT3/8 C19 50
LNE-DPN-B-15 Φ15 G1/2″ NPT 1/2 C19 50
LNE-DPN-B-20 Φ20 G3/4″ NPT 3/4 C25 25
LNE-DPN-B-25 Φ25 G1″ NPT 1 C31 20
LNE-DPN-B-32 Φ32 G1/1/4″ NPT 1/1/4 C39 10
LNE-DPN-B-38 Φ38 G1/1/2″ NPT 1/1/2 C51 10
LNE-DPN-B-51 Φ51 G2″ NPT 2 C63 5
LNE-DPN-B-64 Φ64 G2/1/2″ NPT 2/1/2 C75 2
LNE-DPN-B-75 Φ75 G3″ NPT 3   2
LNE-DPN-B-100 Φ100 G4″ NPT 4   2
LNE-DPN-B-125 Φ125 G5″ NPT 5   2
LNE-DPN-B-150 Φ150 G6″ NPT 6   2